Bndivali Vidya Mandir Trust
About the school

The Bandivali Vidya Mandir Trust was founded on 10th June 1963 by Educationist Late Shri Vasant Vinayak Dewoolkar with an objective to impart education to economically backward  and needy children. 

There is a huge population of economically backward families who can’t even meet their daily, basic needs despite of our country is growing economically and technologically. For them education is still a dream as they can’t afford education from formal schools. Also, there is not much awareness and willingness towards education even during this modern era. Hence, our trust encourages and helps these children to be literate and leads them from darkness to light so that they can financially be independent and also can reach horizons of success.

‘The Bandivali Vidya Mandir Trust’ is registered with Charity Commissioner under ‘The MUMBAI PUBLIC TRUST ACT.’, 1950 and the Trust is an NGO (Non-Government Organization) and its Registration Number is E-2604(BOM). The city and state of registration are Mumbai and Maharashtra. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO is MH/2018/0196749. We also have 12A and 80G certificates.

We the Trustees on behalf of  ‘The Bandivali Vidya Mandir Trust’, pay our sincere thanks to all the well wishers which involve our co-workers, staff, other members, volunteers, students and their parents, philosophers also the government officials for their immense support, guidance and help; without which crossing the milestones of success was merely impossible. Hence, we kindly, request you to be with us to support and bless us, as we need your continuous support and participation to improve the workflow, to continue providing quality education.

Our mission

The mission of the ‘Bandivali Vidya Mandir Trust’ is ‘Education For All’. We wish to educate the economically backward and needy children from the suburbs of Mumbai who cannot afford formal education from school. We look forward to expand beyond Mumbai in the near future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to impart education to the economically backward and needy children to reduce and eliminate illiteracy and help them to achieve good sociological status through education for their overall wellbeing.

Our Future Plan

We have a plan to start higher secondary school in the near future. Here all students will get the best facilities and the chance to learn all the modern technologies.

Our Objective

Our objective is to encourage literacy and education in the first-generation learners of the underprivileged families.



‘The Bandivali Vidya Mandir Trust’ was founded on 10th June 1963 by the educationist Late Shri Vasant Vinayak Dewoolkar with an objective to impart education to economically backward and needy children. In June, 1963 educationist Late Shri Vasant Vinayak Dewoolkar started a school in Jogeshwari and at that time there were 28 students in the school. Then in the year 1965, the number of students increased thus to accommodate them the trust built a ground structured building in P. P. Dias Compound at Jogeshwari (East) also the trust got permission to conduct  the classes of 8th  to 11th std (S.S.C.). In the year 1969, as per the demand of parents the trust started classes from 5th to 7th std  as well as the number of students increased to 500 to 600. Then in the year 1970, as per the need of the parents trust started a new school section at Shiv Tekadi, Majaswadi,Jogeshwari (East). Also, post year 1985 the trust started to impart pre-primary and primary education. Later, on 23rd September, 1998, our founder member Shri Vasant Vinayak Dewoolkar passed away and Mr. Purushottam Vasant Dewoolkar was appointed as the managing trustee by the trust unanimously.

In the year 2000 we renamed our schools as under :

  1. School at P.P.Dias Compund, Bandivali Vidya Mandir no.1 was renamed as ‘Late Vasant Vinayak Dewoolkar High School’.
  2. School at Shiv Tekadi, Bandivali Vidya Mandir no.2 was renamed as ‘Dosibai Jeejeebhoy High School’.

We have been imparting education to around 1200 students currently.

Since, both the branches of our school are ground structured buildings, the trust looks forward to build a multi storied buildings for both the branches in the near future so that more facilities can be provided to the students.


School programs


Years Established

Get In Touch

Location: P. P. Dias Compound, Natwar Nagar, Road No. 5, Jogeshwari, Mumbai -400060

Mobile: +91 9969043554

Email: bandivali.school@gmail.com

School Hours: M-F: 8am - 3pm

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