Bandivali Vidya Mandir Trust

School Facilities


At both the school branches, we have spacious and airy enough classrooms with a good ambience and proper cleanliness and neatness is maintained by our helping staff. We have separate e-learning classroom.


Our library is well equipped with a variety of books e.g. academic books, storybooks, biographies, general knowledge, science, literature etc. Along with it daily newspaper and educational magazines are also made available to the students. Also, facility of borrowing books is also available for the students.


Due to the limitation of ground structured building, currently, there is not a sufficient space for a play ground for students but it is possible to make it available by constructing multistoried structured building. We celebrate the ‘Annual Sports day’ at the ‘SRP Camp Ground’ on the hire basis.


As we focus on the quality education, we have hired the best faculty in our schools. We pay close attention to every student for their educational as well as an overall development. Also, our faculty is provided with required training time to time to upgrade and update their knowledge to deliver best to the students. 

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